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Not like Judai, the girl had said. Yubel scoffed. As if a silly girl like that knew anything about her Judai, as if she could tell what he was like just by being in the same classroom. Foolish girl. No wonder she’d lost.

Her Judai was born to rule. He was born to reign over everything in existence, and she had accepted the task of protecting him from all those out to destroy him. Protect him from…


Something terrible, no doubt. Something out to take Judai away from her, like that girl.

She was jealous

Yes, yes, she must have been. There was no other explanation, because that girl could never be right where Yubel was wrong. Not about Judai. Her Judai, who had loved her enough to send her away to gain immeasurable powers, and had he not succeeded? The pain, the suffering, all proof of the love he felt for her. Her powers now far exceeded the paltry version she’d had before. She had been strong enough to make him remember everything and help him realize his true destiny. Strong enough to fashion the ultimate tool for him, the one that would unite all worlds for him to rule. Yes, Super Fusion would very soon be complete, and with it, her Judai would destroy any resistance still left and finally erase the borders between worlds. This world was far too small and dark for someone as bright as her Judai.

They found a few stragglers in the path of their army. A shivering woman who still tried to duel but couldn’t even defeat their lieutenants, some kids way too overconfident for their own good, a guy who’d been trying to hold them off to evacuate a village before they arrived. All useless efforts, of course, but her Judai was bothered.

“What is it?” she asked, running a hand through his hair. Tugging just a little too hard.

“Mmm, nothing,” he said. He eyed the now-burning village. Following the coastline from Marastre onwards had been very effective. The coast towns were trading hubs that had kept functioning even under the rule of the pretenders who dared call themselves king in her Judai’s place. Everyone had clustered there.

“I believe Shou is still out there.”

Yubel looked away from the village. “Is he dangerous?”

“Shou? No.” Judai tilted his head. “Maybe on a good day. His brother, on the other hand… Too bad he’s on earth, he would have made a good addition to Super Fusion.”

Yes, earth, the one world they couldn’t yet reach. It had taken Cobra’s inventions and massive amounts of energy to create a passageway the first time, and they didn’t have access to that technology anymore. Maybe they should let some of those scientists live. But it didn’t matter. No world was beyond the reach of Super Fusion.

“It is nearing completion,” Yubel assured him. Judai smiled.

“Good. Let’s move on.”

They found a new world after that, one that was heavily populated but peaceful. Its sun shone very bright, and Yubel liked it better. Judai, on the other hand, had trouble.

“It’s so light here,” he said.

Yubel knew that was important, but she couldn’t— Couldn’t tell—

“Isn’t that good?” Yes, bright was good, like Judai with her and the world at his feet, to unite and destr— Destroy, right? Yes, create a better world, just for them.

Judai opened his mouth his eyes curiously distant. “No, bright is fine,” he said, but he still closed the curtains. The house they’d appropriated was too small for her Judai, but it was built on a hilltop and offered a fine view of the surrounding area. Not that they should have worried. After the murder attempts her Judai had faced in the Dark World, this world was positively docile.

They did not venture into the Desert World themselves. It was a pointless world without any real inhabitants. Yubel had taken away her Judai from that awful world and finally made him remember her, regain the memories and love the world had tried to take from him. They’d pay, those people who dared call themselves his parents. As if her Judai would ever be anything less than shaped from the very fabric of the universe. As if such paltry humans could ever be anything more than a conduit for one with such immense power, power he had— Yes, power he had unlocked already, of course. He was king. She had made him king. Super Fusion would unite all world for him to rule, and her Judai would discover his ultimate destiny.

That night, a woman tried to assassinate her Judai. There was little left of her once Yubel got through with her. She would utterly destroy each and every person who tried to hurt her Judai. His pain, the proof of her love, would only be dealt by her the way he’d shown her his love.

The Desert World fell, with the scouts reporting next to no resistance.

“And the school?” asked her Judai.

The scouts talked about a building, how it had been nearly abandoned and how they’d used it as their headquarters during their stay, after eradicating a few emaciated students and their teacher. Yubel was almost impressed. Those belts, a halfway-useful invention created by the idiot teacher who’d brought her to Judai, would have malfunctioned after about a week of her absence and cut off the power drain, but to have survived the drain so long… Perhaps the students of that school had been somewhat competent after all.

But the Desert World didn’t work like the Dark World. Weak as its inhabitants were, her Judai’s army hadn’t even bothered to duel them before killing them. Her power and her Judai’s power were flowing to their army, making them stronger and giving them all the things they’d always wished for. The army grew by the day, and thos people who’d dared to claim Judai as their friend were long gone. It would be just her and her king, her Judai, until the final days of the world.
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We have won, Herald.

You may be starting to struggle, you may be starting to see, but you have already lost this fight. Lost it when you loved your protector, lost it when your love blinded you to everything else.

We are grateful. Your mind is so easy to manipulate. You may have fancied yourself a mind that can’t be controlled, and of course you are right. One does not control Darkness. One only blinds it.

And we are so very good at blinding.

It shall not last forever. Even now, you are struggling. You are stronger than your protector, and yet, in remembering her and trying to save her, you believed her and trusted the words we made her say. You made it so very easy. Your protector believes the words she speaks. We made sure of it.

The Supreme King. Such a fanciful title for the disgrace you turned out to be. You don’t remember, do you? You do not protect anymore. You do not know how to protect. And you may have thwarted us once, but you also gave us our ultimate weapon. You love, Herald. Too deeply, too obsessively, and soon none will be left because of it. You are creating your own downfall in the unity you so desperately seek.

The Herald of Darkness creates and unites. Go on then, Herald, create, unite, and see your universe torn apart. Fuse, destroy, and die along with it.

But you will return, will you not? A new form, a new vessel, but for now, we win. We will break you. We will destroy everything you ever claimed to love. We will grant you one mercy: you will die along with your protector.

The place you claim as home… Ah, it would be a dangerous world for you. The humans are so good at destroying, in all their tiny and huge ways. It would be easy if you went. You are waking up, Herald, are you not? Perhaps you should die. But your protector won’t let you. No, better you die with her and create your own downfall.

So complete Super Fusion, Herald. Kill and destroy all those you were meant to protect, and we will blind you until it is too late and you can only stare at the destruction you have wrought, horrified as your fragile mind will always be. We used your love and warped your past and blinded you to your present. You will see, soon, and then you will die.

Are you finished? Yes, it appears you are. You have betrayed your own self and everything you stand for, Herald, so go on now. We are here to bear witness to your final act of destruction. Make your sacrifice. Unite the worlds. Do it now.

We see you realize now, Herald of Darkness. Call it your parting gift from us. Turn away from our Light, hide in your shadows and don’t look. Don’t look at the destruction you wrought, don’t look as it destroys all you were meant to protect. Don’t look,Herald, as your protector dies before you and you are alone in death.

Of course you will return, for Darkness stays hidden where we cannot yet reach. But know, Herald, that we will wait for your return and destroy you again.

And may you know, may you forever remember:

We have won.


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