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 OKay, so I'm trying to find Yu-Gi-Oh GX 152, and I'm failing miserably. I really, really want to see it, even if it isn't subbed. I mean, this could be the last episode with possessed!Johan. That and I'm leaving again for two days tomorrow evening, which means no internet access for the entire weekend. And I really want to have seen 152 before I leave...

Now after seeing turn 151 subbed, I must say that that episode freaked me out. Yubel was really scary there (so was Johan, I'm still not entirely sure if not at least some part of Johan's soul is in his body). And I came to the conclusion that 'Poison' by Groove Coverage is ideal for these episodes, I might make an AMV, if I can get my hands on the eppies. Seriously though, there's one part that fits 151 extremely well: 

'I hear you calling and it's needles and pins. 
I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name.
Don't wanna touch you but you're under my skin.
I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison'

Which is, incidentally, my favourite part of the song.

(If that AMV is ever made, it'll be a Spiritshipping one, is that obvious?)

So, I'm leaving tomorrow evening. It's actually a weekend to get to know your future classmates, which'll come in handy, I think. Good way to brush up on my social skills (which are actually almost non-existent, but whaddaya expect from someone who spends her days watching anime stuff)
Anyway, I figured, if I know some people already, I won't be totally lost on my first day at college. That's in ten days, wow... I just realised how close it was. (My holidays are almost over *sobs*)
But I want to get into student council, I've been doing that for 4 years (6 if you count environment council) and I don't want to loose it. Yeah, I'm a nerd, I know...

Nefertiti is being very annoying. And she's grown. A lot. Well, at least she doesn't 'accidentally' shut down the computer anymore (I swear, sometimes, that cat is the devil incarnate)

Well, I don't think anyone ever reads this, but it's fun to write about all that stuff that no one in my family wants to hear, so yeah...

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Very random post, but I'd like to introduce Nefertiti. Well, my cat, not the Egyptian queen.

This is her:


She was really small back then, I took the picture about two months ago (and promptly placed it on wiki).

Her full name is actually Nefertiti Charlotte Marianne (or Maria Antonia, if I feel like it). Charlotte is the name my aunt gave her (she always wanted a cat named Charlotte), and my mum calls her Marianne (she calls everyone Marianne, just for the record). The Nefertiti part..., well, it's somewhat of a long story.

See, my mum teaches history, so the first cat we had was called Hector (Trojan prince, although the cat was female). My mum also named my aunt's cat Oidipoes. Well, Hector 'ran away' (I still the she was poisoned by someone in our street, but that's the official version), so after Hector, we got Cleopatra. Named after the Egyptian queen. Cleo was a tortie. She 'ran away' too (same story), and after that w had Sterretje (we found her dead, probably poisoned), Pinda (died only recently, his kidneys failed), and Wolletje. Wolletje dissappeared a few weeks ago, and I'm still hoping he'll return. He knew Nefertiti, and he was close to her, so I doubt it was jealousy.

But anyway, Nefer is a tortie too, and since Cleo was one, I decided to give Nefer an Egyptian name, therefore: Nefertiti.

She's a great cat, although a bit too playful sometimes, but that's kittens for you...


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