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You guys, I passed all my exams! Lowest I got was 12/20, for a class I was sure I'd fail. I got 13 for my worst class of the bunch. Oh my god I did it :D

*goes off to squeal more*

Oh hell

Jul. 3rd, 2009 05:46 pm
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So I passed my exams. Yay. Second year for me, apparently. 

... I'm just sad that my grandma didn't get to hear it, she was so concerned about me failing again and now I can't even tell her that I passed.

Oh, and I also got a haircut. My hair's a lot shorter now.

Oh dear...

Aug. 17th, 2008 07:19 pm
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Religion tomorrow... again. And I swear, you'd think that it'd get easier, but it's still every bit as boring as last time. Same goes for all my other exams (because technically, the interesting ones I kinda passed so I don't have them anymore). Come to think of it, I can't really stand the teacher either, she insulted quite a few people in my year last time. So if she starts the whole 'you didn't study, did you?' I think I'm just going to say 'No.'

Which is technically true, because I just survived a (minor) depression that could've escalated enormously if I hadn't realised that I was depressed. I suppose that's been my saving grace. Also, I'm getting some sleep again.

London was still pretty awesome, even though I spent most of the time (you guessed it) sleeping. Got some more of the Gem Beast cards (so I'm only missing Amber and Amethyst now. And Rainbow Dragon), and went to see Avenue Q. I'm pretty scared of puppets, and one scene is definitely gonna give me nightmares, but it was worth it.  'For now' (the song) gave me a lot to think about, though. Mostly the question: 'how long is for now?'

But yeah, I'm sorta over it. Not completely, that'll take a while, and I'm foreseeing major degeneration in about two weeks, but I'm good for a bit. Probably going to my old high school somewhere in September, got invited and I love going there. Connections in high places and all. Which means that a few of the staff members and teachers are sorta friends of mine (in as far as teachers can actually be friends with their students. Not to insult anyone, it's just hard)

And still writing, of course, though for now I'm mostly limiting myself to drabbles.


Dec. 12th, 2007 11:21 pm
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Okay, to put it simply, I'm dead tired, I can barely even move anymore. Normally, I'd be going to sleep about right now, but I still have to learn about forty characters for tomorrow, AND write a 200-character text about my birthday, of all things. (haven't got a clue what I'm supposed to say). And that's not all, I have an exam at 11 o'clock tomorrow (luckily it doesn't count, 'cause I'm going to fail it so badly), and I need to reread my notes... All before tomorrow. So yeah, I'm kinda taking a break now, but I'll be awake for some more time, I'm afraid.

Well, I do have better news, I started playing Pokemon Diamond last week and I caught Dialga recently (after a bit of marathon playing). I know the game is far from over, but I'm still kind of proud of myself. it's the first game I've ever owned, My parents never wanted to give me a GameBoy or anything similar when I was a kid. My nephews got me hooked on pokemon ruby and then my aunt and gran decided to buy a nintendo DS for the family, so that's how. (Funny thing is -and I'm going to make people angry here-, I don't actually like the pokemon anime, I always liked Digimon better. But the games are good)

I did see the last two episodes of GX, but I feel too tired to talk about them right now.


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