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Also, present time, because my family is weird and only gives presents at new year's eve:

Lots of DVD's:
- Kung-fu Panda
- Ice Age (Chinese version, I can't believe they managed to track those down!)
- Lion King (Also Chinese version)

- New iPod, 'cause my old one decided to give out on me
- WALL-E mug to go with the DVD ^^
- New pencil and marker, I needed them desperately

Probably getting more tomorrow, but it won't be as interesting.

Happy new year to all of you!
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Wow... I, mean, wow... How come I only hear about this now? (Serves me right for not paying attention, I guess). But honestly, Rose back in Doctor Who? I thought they'd never do it. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I have a feeling it can only end tragically. I mean, Rose probably can't stay, as the Doctor can't be involved with anyone (which makes me wonder why he's been kissing all his companions in the revived series 'till thusfar. Okay, not Donna, but if I can believe the season four trailer...). 
Sorry, got a bit off track there.
Anyway, they managed to not kill Rose once, but can they do that again? I honestly don't think she'll stay, however sad it is, but i don't want her to die!

Still havent seen voyage of the damned completely, but 'till thusfar, it's awesome.

And I was smiling like crazy the entire time is was watching GX 167. It was just so cute! (Never thought I'd say this about Chronos). And Judai had it coming in the end. I actually laughed out loud there. My parents probably think I've really gone mad now. Ah well...

Got my mom a present, still nothing for my gran and cousin. So, more shopping soon. And studying. I'm not looking forward to it. Well, at least there's Avatar to look forward to on Friday.


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