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So yesterday I was discussing going to a movie with two of my friends. We live in different parts of the country, and for me and one of the other two, our university town was closest. The third, however, lives a lot farther away. So because there wouldn't be any trains for her to go back home after the movie, I propose she stays with us. Next there's mix-up of gigantic proportions.

H (me): Well, you can stay with us if you want to?
K (friend): Won't your grandma mind?
H: Sheeeeee's... Kinda dead.
K: How so? Her health's bad?
H: Grandma? You know? Died a month ago? June 30th?
K: OH! I meant your aunt.

On the one hand, well, it was funny. On the other hand, we've been friends for over two years, she's met both my aunt and my grandma, and she's been supporting me throughout the whole process, so I'm kinda miffed.

But it's a stupid thing to be annoyed about. And it's not like she's the first to mix them up. A lot of people even used to think they're the same person, mostly because I always spoke of grandmaandaunt (seemingly pronounced as one word. I didn't even know until someone called me out on it.)

On the other hand: This (Torchwood fans: spoilers for CoE) is just bad journalism.

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I don't know if I mentioned it before, but there was a Torchwood Meet-up in Utrecht yesterday, and I figured: hey, why not?

Meet-up, one big spoiler for CoE )

HP movie 6 )

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Gah, Torchwood, where to start? Can I just say I completely adored both 'Adrift' and 'Fragments'? It doesn't get much better than this, people!


Mar. 22nd, 2008 10:11 pm
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Although I'm terribly happy to be going to London, I just discovered that we'll be staying 'till Thursday, instead of 'till Wednesday, as I thought. This means I'm gonna miss the final GX episode in 'real time' (or as real as it gets when you can't watch it on tv). Of course, I can just watch it Thursday, but i was kinda looking forward to watching it on Wednesday. I'm gonna take my laptop with me, though. I need to get some writing done, and just maybe there'll be internet access in the hotel.

I'm also gonna try to get my hands on the new Torchwood books, and the GX manga, if I can find that. Which reminds me that I still have to order Sound Duel 2. 
Gonna try to get some more money, my birthday's coming up after all. I still don't know what I want, I've been trying to tell my parents that they can just give me money, but since it's my 18th birthday, thy want to give me something 'lasting'

Also, Fanboy!Judai in GX 179 made me giggle inappropriately.
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'To the Last Man' was absolutely beautiful! I've had to wait quite a while to see it, but I loved it. I really liked Kiss Kiss Bang Bang already, but that pales in comparison with this episode. I loved it, and very nice to have a Tosh-centric episode again.

And since I am still spazzing over yesterday's episode of GX and because I had nothing better to do and because I'm an obsessive Spiritshipper, I did some research

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I am so very happy right now!

Torchwood tonight too, but i'll probably won't be seeing it 'till tomorrow, since I can't watch it on tv anymore *insert very very angry glare at parents here, and not just for Torchwood*
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... so of course, I'm not.

Yeah, Torchwood was on yesterday and I'm still fangirling quite a bit.

Gem Beasts in GX next week! I'm counting down the days 'till Johan returns. I guess I''ll be hated for this, but i don't particulary care for Saiou. His hair creeps me out. Though seriously, first getting f*cked over by the Light, and then by Darkness? That's really having bad luck...


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