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Aug. 8th, 2008 08:05 pm
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Watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics this afternoon, and i have only one thing to say:

London, good luck. You'll need it.

Speaking of London, we're leaving on Sunday and we're spending three days there, during which I'm gonna try and pick up the new Artemis Fowl (last time I got a book shipped it took more than two months for it to get here) and get me some new manga. Maybe I'll get the Rainbow Dragon tin, I'm not sure yet. And I want Hitchhikers 5.

We're gonna see Avenue Q, and normally I'm not very fond of puppets (they're creepy), but I kinda want to see this one, just to know what it's all about. 

And I wanna go to the British museum again. Didn't get to visit last time, and the time before that I didn't have enough time to see everything I wanted to see.

Still working on some stuff, I've got at least five things left to write, and I really should get working on it (one is halfway done and I think I've reached 1/4 of one of he others, but i've got the feeling it's gonna be much longer than I originally planned) 

Also, I'm tired. As in close-your-eyes-for-a-second-and-fall-asleep tired. Missed the first part of the opening ceremony because I was asleep, and it was 2 in the afternoon. Worst part is that I'm still not rested. 

Oh, and update on our chicks: we've got six, three black, three yellow-ish, and they're incredibly cute! The oldest one is now officially Wafje ('Woofie', long story), the others don't have names yet. Suggestions, anyone?

My mom got me terribly angry when she left them outside the entire day two days ago, though. It was hot (25 °C) and I'd given them water that morning, but I was gone for the entire day and they usually topple over their water after 30 minutes. Which resulted in me getting home that evening and having to scramble to save them from dehydration. I wasn't happy. 


Jul. 31st, 2008 11:00 pm
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 Eggs are hatching!

We're gonna have at least four chicks, from what I've seen. One of them has already hatched completely and it's black and tiny and so cute!!! And another one is breaking through, it's chirping like crazy ^^ 

Ke ai!!!



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