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'N-VA Party leader Bart De Wever has been talking to the PS and has announced he plans on having a government formed by September. He is obviously moving fast.'

Belgium: Where taking three months to form a government is considered 'fast'.

(Also,[livejournal.com profile] gulf_aid_now  is still going! Check it out!)
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So guess who's gonna be the first European president? Guess?

Yep! Our very own Belgian Prime Minister, Herman Van Rompuy! With apologies to the UK people on my flist: HAH!

(Now don't get me wrong, I love the UK, I love my friends there, but articles like this have been annoying me to death these last few weeks. I know it's The Sun, I know I shouldn't take it seriously, but damn.)

Now: why is Van Rompuy good for the job? Because he managed to get Belgium out of a governmental crisis last year where everyone else failed. Becasue he's created a somewhat stable Belgium in these last few months. Belgium is... Let's be fair here, Belgium is one of the most confusing countries in the world. Seriously, most native Belgians don't understand it. We don't even try. To have someone who can keep everything under control... Well, I'm glad the guy became EU President, but I think we're gonna miss him here.

Still... Go Herman!
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So my hometown, Mechelen, got a new logo this weekend. This little joke will cost us at least 50 000 EUR, in a time of crisis no less, and the worst part is: it is ridiculously stupid.

Let's review, shall we? )


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