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So after two weeks of sweltering heat, the weather finally decided to make a U-turn... straight into the country of wet and thundery. Mind you, I had been expecting it, but it's still not very funny (especially since I forgot my other pair of shoes, so I'm stuck with my sandals). 
Also, I'm stuck with a headache for two days already, been taking much more painkillers than I feel happy about, and it just doesn't help.

The only thing I still feel like doing is writing, but I've entered a rather dangerous phase in my fic (Crossroads, in Yu-Gi-Oh GX, might as well do some self-promotion while I'm at it). I tend to project the emotions I describe onto myself, and the stage I've entered is one of panic, so needless to say, I'm rather high-strung too right now. 

Well, either way, I love Crossroads to bits, and I'm surprised no one wrote a full-blown fic around the idea earlier. They probably would've done a better job than me, but I love writing it, so who cares?

Exams are getting very very close now...

Oh, and while Yu-Gi-Oh had ancient Egypt, and GX had... something, 5D's has apparently picked Nazca for their weird mystical stuff. Well, fine by me ^^


Mar. 22nd, 2008 10:11 pm
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Although I'm terribly happy to be going to London, I just discovered that we'll be staying 'till Thursday, instead of 'till Wednesday, as I thought. This means I'm gonna miss the final GX episode in 'real time' (or as real as it gets when you can't watch it on tv). Of course, I can just watch it Thursday, but i was kinda looking forward to watching it on Wednesday. I'm gonna take my laptop with me, though. I need to get some writing done, and just maybe there'll be internet access in the hotel.

I'm also gonna try to get my hands on the new Torchwood books, and the GX manga, if I can find that. Which reminds me that I still have to order Sound Duel 2. 
Gonna try to get some more money, my birthday's coming up after all. I still don't know what I want, I've been trying to tell my parents that they can just give me money, but since it's my 18th birthday, thy want to give me something 'lasting'

Also, Fanboy!Judai in GX 179 made me giggle inappropriately.
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'To the Last Man' was absolutely beautiful! I've had to wait quite a while to see it, but I loved it. I really liked Kiss Kiss Bang Bang already, but that pales in comparison with this episode. I loved it, and very nice to have a Tosh-centric episode again.

And since I am still spazzing over yesterday's episode of GX and because I had nothing better to do and because I'm an obsessive Spiritshipper, I did some research

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I am so very happy right now!

Torchwood tonight too, but i'll probably won't be seeing it 'till tomorrow, since I can't watch it on tv anymore *insert very very angry glare at parents here, and not just for Torchwood*
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... so of course, I'm not.

Yeah, Torchwood was on yesterday and I'm still fangirling quite a bit.

Gem Beasts in GX next week! I'm counting down the days 'till Johan returns. I guess I''ll be hated for this, but i don't particulary care for Saiou. His hair creeps me out. Though seriously, first getting f*cked over by the Light, and then by Darkness? That's really having bad luck...

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So, according to Janime:

This actually had me squealing. And then my aunt, gran and dog looked at me very strangely.

I'm staying with them for the rest of the exam period. At least here I can study and sleep.

Tomorrow I have Japanese Culture, which is actually extremely interesting, even though they don't talk about manga or anime.


Dec. 12th, 2007 11:21 pm
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Okay, to put it simply, I'm dead tired, I can barely even move anymore. Normally, I'd be going to sleep about right now, but I still have to learn about forty characters for tomorrow, AND write a 200-character text about my birthday, of all things. (haven't got a clue what I'm supposed to say). And that's not all, I have an exam at 11 o'clock tomorrow (luckily it doesn't count, 'cause I'm going to fail it so badly), and I need to reread my notes... All before tomorrow. So yeah, I'm kinda taking a break now, but I'll be awake for some more time, I'm afraid.

Well, I do have better news, I started playing Pokemon Diamond last week and I caught Dialga recently (after a bit of marathon playing). I know the game is far from over, but I'm still kind of proud of myself. it's the first game I've ever owned, My parents never wanted to give me a GameBoy or anything similar when I was a kid. My nephews got me hooked on pokemon ruby and then my aunt and gran decided to buy a nintendo DS for the family, so that's how. (Funny thing is -and I'm going to make people angry here-, I don't actually like the pokemon anime, I always liked Digimon better. But the games are good)

I did see the last two episodes of GX, but I feel too tired to talk about them right now.

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The good news: I'm not ill anymore (I've been missing half of my classes for more than two weeks). The bad news: I have to learn an awful lot of characters and grammar, I kinda lost track of it the past two weeks, and I have two major tests next week ánd the language party is coming up. Unfortunately, the party is the evening before one of the tests (the most important one), and I really want to go.

On a different note, I did watch GX 162 (it's some sort of ritual, I watch GX the moment I get home wednesday evening, before I start studying :D I'm such a bad student...)

Well, I better start working again, it's getting late.


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