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 Really, I do. The worst part is that I've been spending an insane amount of time on my studies lately, and it still isn't enough. Writing characters is such a pain, and I tend to forget even the easy ones. I've been told that all first years had trouble with it, but I'm still kinda depressed. One of my friends has already studied Chinese, and she has no trouble at all with this stuff, it makes me sad. I shouldn't compare myself with her, but still...

Still didn't get a Chinese name, I've been told I'll get it next Friday. (I've already figured out that the translation of my last name would be 'da ze', but I don't think that's gonna be part of my name)

Oh, and I saw GX 157

Heh, need to go to sleep now, I was planning on studying tomorrow; Actually, I was supposed to study this evening, but I was lazy as usual.

Did I ever mention i went to Bolivia last year? (I don't think so). Well, exactly one year ago I was in Santa Cruz eating pizza (quattro stagioni, if  I remember correctly). We stayed in Santa Cruz for the night, and then took the plane to Sucre, where they picked us up  and we went to El Molino (that's in the district of Potosí, if anyone knows that). I miss it...
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GX 155 is just... I really can't describe it, it's so great. Huge plot twist, so I'm gonna put spoiler tags around this.

Oh, and I really enjoy my Chinese classes, It's a huge amount of work, but I love it! I'm gonna get my Chinese name one of these days, and I'm really curious.


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