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I'm nineteen today! And Oh My God it's awesome. The weather is absolutely fantastic today, and even though I didn't do anything special, it was just great. I had eight hours of classes and I wasn't looking forward to that, but it turned out to be absolutely fantastic. I got spared during grammar class, people sung for me during speaking class, geography class was spent doodling and writing on everything we could get our hands on (including our own hands), and my aunt made me a crown and half of my class wrote their name on it (pics under the cut ^^). Me and my friends skipped half of our second grammar class today and spent an hour just sitting in the park doing absolutely nothing at all too, and it was completely awesome!

To top it all off, I got back home and my favorite cousin and my uncle had come over without me knowing <333

I love love love this day, it's so much better than last year, in fact, I think it's the best birthday I have ever had in my life <3

Crown with lots of Chinese writing on it <3 )

Also, I'm going to London next week, from Sunday to Wednesday. Promises to be great!
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Also, guess what the first thing is my parents told me now that I'm officially an adult? 

'If I could please clean my room'

Yeah... I'm pretty miffed about that. Not that it isn't long overdue, but there are other things you'd like to hear, you know?

Well, either way, no interesting things in the gift department: lots of money, because no one knew what to get me (I didn't know what to ask), and a T-shirt (and pencils. I'm always in need of pencils). Also, big thankies to Olynthus for the amazing fic ^^ (LiveJournal won't let me link her name like I want it, but check out her work anyway)

Still have to watch 5D's, but I'm having major GX withdrawal symptoms already.

Oh, and Belgian drivers are so very impolite. Seriously, I wonder why I'm still trying to get my driver's license.


Mar. 22nd, 2008 10:11 pm
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Although I'm terribly happy to be going to London, I just discovered that we'll be staying 'till Thursday, instead of 'till Wednesday, as I thought. This means I'm gonna miss the final GX episode in 'real time' (or as real as it gets when you can't watch it on tv). Of course, I can just watch it Thursday, but i was kinda looking forward to watching it on Wednesday. I'm gonna take my laptop with me, though. I need to get some writing done, and just maybe there'll be internet access in the hotel.

I'm also gonna try to get my hands on the new Torchwood books, and the GX manga, if I can find that. Which reminds me that I still have to order Sound Duel 2. 
Gonna try to get some more money, my birthday's coming up after all. I still don't know what I want, I've been trying to tell my parents that they can just give me money, but since it's my 18th birthday, thy want to give me something 'lasting'

Also, Fanboy!Judai in GX 179 made me giggle inappropriately.


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